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5 Services You Need For Your Commercial Move

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Moving into a new office building is a major undertaking, but fortunately, commercial movers can help. There are several services that movers offer that make your move go more smoothly.

1. Logistics Planning

One of the most overwhelming parts of moving your business is dealing with the logistics so that you can minimize downtime. A commercial moving company will provide a dedicated logistics manager that will work with you to develop a packing and moving schedule so that you can get your business open and running again as soon as possible. They will organize and manage the various moving teams so that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

2. Tech Relocation

Computers and office equipment require careful handling to avoid damage. For most commercial moves, your tech team will need to work closely with the moving company to ensure all the equipment is properly disconnected and prepped for the move. The movers will also be skilled in handling sensitive equipment in order to prevent damage and ease the setup of the items once they reach their new destination.

3. Document Handling

It's vital that important records that contain private information, such as customer files and billing details, are handled safely so they don't become lost in the move. Fortunately, commercial moving services have protocols in place to ensure all documents are delivered safely and securely to the new location. It begins with boxing up and sealing all the documents. Boxes are well labeled and then securely packed into the moving truck under the watchful eye of the movers. This way none can disappear during the move.

4. Packing Services

Although staff may want to pack up their personal office items, the bulk of the packing should be left to the professional packers provided by the moving service. Professional packers are skilled and boxing up office items so they don't suffer damage. They will also ensure that all boxes are well labeled, with an attached inventory, so they can easily be brought to the right location at your new building. Organized packing is key to a speedy move.

5. Workspace Setup

Reassembling office furniture and arranging the equipment in each workspace can be time-consuming without the help of a full-service commercial mover. The skilled movers can quickly put together everything and move heavy furniture into place so all that is left is the unpacking of individual offices and cubicles. This saves time and allows your staff to focus on resuming normal operations.

Contact a commercial moving service to learn more about the process.