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3 Things You Can Do To Make Moving Easier When You Have School-Aged Children

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Moving can be a stressful experience when you're moving by yourself, but moving with school-age children can be even more hectic. Here are some tips to help moving with your children easier for them and for you as well.

Be Positive about Moving

You must do everything you can to be a positive role model during the moving process. If you seem tense and upset, chances are your children will follow suit. Try to keep your spirits high and your mood as calm as possible.

Be Sensitive to Their Feelings

Moving can be hard for kids, especially if they are leaving their friends and everything that is familiar to them. It is important that talk to your children beforehand about how they feel about moving to a new house. Do your best to listen attentively and respond in a way that shows them that their opinion is important to you. For instance, if they are afraid they won't make any new friends in their new school, offer them a few suggestions for getting to know people and talk to them about ways they can stay in touch with their old friends.

One thing that might make them feel better about moving is to start planning decorations for their new room. This can help your children have something look forward to and assist them in becoming more comfortable in a new place.

To get your kids excited about the new place, you can find exciting places and activities that your children can take advantage of once you move. For example, if a child has always wanted to learn fencing and your new town offers lessons, sign your child up. Your child will feel better about moving if they can enjoy activities they love.

Avoid Boredom on Moving Day

Remember that your kids will need things to do on moving day. You may think you'll pack away all of your kids' things, but it's important that they have something to read or play with as you're working on loading the moving truck. You might considering allowing them to help you decide what gets packed last, so they have a hand in how they'll spend their time. Alternately, you may consider buying them a new book or new toy and giving it to them on moving day; that way, they can remain engaged in their new plaything while things are moved.

Now that you know some things you can do to make things easier for your family when you move, use the information in this article to help things go better. Consult some local moving companies, like Wheaton World Wide Moving, and hire one that can make the moving process even easier for everyone involved.