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Storing RC Vehicles – Protecting Their Condition

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Building and running RC vehicles is one hobby that people young and old enjoy. For some, this hobby involves a large collection of different types of vehicles for use on different terrain. For others, one vehicle is all that is needed, but it may not be used year-round. No matter the reason behind your need to store your RC vehicle/s, doing it right will help preserve the vehicle while it is awaiting its next run on the course. Here, you will learn how to properly prepare and store your RC vehicle.

Preparation for Storage

To prepare your RC vehicle for storage, there are a couple things that need to be done, including:

Clean the Vehicle – Do your best to get all of the dirt and dust off of the vehicle inside and out. You don't want to leave any dirt on the body or the mechanical parts because that dirt can cause discoloration and the break-down of the mechanical elements. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces that are easily reachable. Use a can of pressurized air to blow the dirt from the areas that are impossible to get clean with any other cleaning technique.

Tend to the Batteries – As you probably know, there are different types of batteries used in RC vehicles. NiCd and NiMH batteries can be successfully stored for long periods of time as long as the temperature doesn't reach extreme levels. Before you put the batteries in storage, discharge them completely. This will prevent crystallization inside, which destroys the battery. (Both types of batteries should be recharged and fully discharged at least once a month to ensure that they maintain their ability to hold a charge.)

Choose the Right Storage Environment

Now, the most important element of storing your RC vehicle is the environment in which you store it. The absolute best option is to store the vehicle in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. These units are kept at a safe temperature and humidity level. You won't have to worry about battery packs freezing or overheating while being stored.

High heat and humidity will likely damage the internal and external components of the vehicle. You could experience troubles with wiring, tire damage, battery damage and even notice the body has become misshaped if the RC is left in a climate that is allowed to overheat.

If you have to put your vehicles in storage for a while, be sure to find a climate-controlled storage facility near you and take the time to properly prepare the vehicle for long-term storage. Your vehicles will remain in great condition and will be ready to run when you are ready to run them. Contact a company like Redondo Van & Storage for more information.