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Keeping Your Storage Unit Free Of Moisture

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When keeping your belongings in a storage unit, there is always a risk of humidity causing moisture. Excessive moisture can cause an array of problems including mold, mildew, wood rot, rust and corrosion. In order to prevent this from happening to your items, there are several steps you can take to ensure humidity levels stay low enough to keep moisture at bay. There are also precautions you can take in how you pack your items to help keep them safe. Here in information on how you can keep humidity levels low inside your storage unit and some packing advice.

Dry Items Only

When placing items in your storage unit, make sure they are completely dry. Any bit of moisture in an item you put in storage will cause humidity levels to rise. When storing clothing, place them in a dryer for a few minutes before putting in bins or boxes. Take special care in checking any recreational items such as scuba equipment, boating materials or fishing poles and lures to make sure no moisture is present on them. After using any of these types of items, keep them outdoors to dry out thoroughly before placing them in storage.

Store Items Properly

When placing items prone to moisture in storage, take the time to properly prepare them with coverings. Some items prone to moisture damage include clothing, fur, leather, photographs, electronic equipment and mattresses. Mattresses and wood furniture should be wrapped inside a furniture cover before placing into storage.

Plastic can be draped over the cover for extra protection, but never place plastic directly over your furniture. Place some wooden pallets on your storage unit floor to house items prone to moisture. Keeping items away from concrete flooring can help keep them dry.

Combat Moisture

When you rent your storage unit, check over the exterior to make sure there are no apparent cracks or crevices where moisture can get inside. If you notice any, ask for a different unit. You can fight moisture by placing some charcoal inside a bowl and leaving it on top of a storage container or larger piece of furniture in the center of your storage unit.

Replace the charcoal with a new batch every month to keep on top of moisture control. Charcoal naturally retains any excess moisture that may be in the air causing humid conditions. Cat litter works in the same way. Place a few containers of cat litter around your storage unit and replace them monthly for added insurance against moisture.

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