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Tips For Transporting Fragile Items

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If you want to transport some items that you're afraid will break in the process, it is vitally important that you consider the best ways to get them there in one piece. When it comes to sending fragile items, such as glass, porcelain or jewelry, you'll need to consider the best methods, packaging materials and postal considerations. With this in mind, consider these tips to safeguard your materials as you set out to transport your items either through standard mail, premium mail or during the moving process. 

#1: Disregard Supposed Conventional Methods

You might have been told to undergo some of the conventional methods, such as writing fragile on the boxes or wrapping your sensitive items in newspaper. While it doesn't hurt to write fragile on the box, you shouldn't be deluded into thinking that mail employees will abide by that warning. At the same time, wrapping your materials in newspaper is often touted as a great shipping material, but actually can cause ink to leak and smear all over your items. It is also not actually useful or efficient, because when items are stuffed inside of a box, the newspaper will become flattened out and won't provide the proper padding that you need. 

#2: Acquire And Use The Proper Packaging Materials 

When you are packaging items made of glass, porcelain or other sensitive materials, you'll need to make sure that you handle them the right way. The first thing you'll need is a sturdy box. Once you acquire this box, you'll be able to pack your items accordingly and give yourself the chance to arrange items carefully. You'll need solid, heavy duty packing tape, which won't break or create flaws in the box. In terms of packaging inside of the box, you will want to use shipping paper, bubble wrap, boxing peanuts and other such materials that will assist you. 

Touching base with a packaging material company, such as Security Self Storage, will allow you to get the expert opinion of a shipping consultant, in order to find the best materials and methods to send your items. 

#3: Get Insurance And Professional Assistance

In the case of either shipping an item or hiring a moving company, you'll need to acquire insurance or professional assistance. When shipping materials, you should also opt for the insurance plan that will protect you from lost, broken or otherwise damaged items. When moving, you should hire a licensed and insured moving company that gives your items white glove treatment, in addition to purchasing insurance to cover the entire move. This will give you peace of mind to allow you to transport your items with no problems. 

Consider these tips, so that you're able to get your fragile items from Point A to Point B with little problems.