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How To Properly Store A Refrigerator

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Whether you purchased a new refrigerator or you are storing items in a self-storage unit during a relocation, there may come a time when you need to store your refrigerator. Before you just unload it into a storage unit, make sure you follow these tips for storing it and protecting it properly.

Empty and Clean Out the Refrigerator

Start by preparing the refrigerator for storage. Empty it out completely, making sure the very last ice cube tray and box of baking soda is removed. Don't forget to check all the drawers and compartments, so you don't accidentally leave a packet of ketchup in the door or head of lettuce in the crisping drawer. With everything removed, give it a good wipe down to make sure no food particles or crumbs are left.

Defrost the Freezer

Once you are done cleaning it out, open the refrigerator and freezer doors to let the freezer defrost. You do not want to move and store the refrigerator when it is still frozen. Give it about an hour or two, then scrape away any ice build-up that is left in the freezer. A wooden spoon is the perfect tool for removing ice. Put some dry towels on the floor of the freezer and refrigerator to absorb any moisture left in it.

Clean the Refrigerator

Remove the drawers of the refrigerator and soak them in warm water with some mild soap. Wash them thoroughly, then rinse them and set them on towels to dry. While you do this, also give the inside of the refrigerator and freezer a really good cleaning, being sure you use dry towels to pat it dry. You don't want to have any water or soap residue in the fridge when it is stored.

Disconnect Pipes and Hoses

If your refrigerator stores water and ice in the door, you will need to empty water from the holding tank and be sure the compartment is free of ice. Disconnect the hoses and pipes, rinsing them and letting them dry. When this is done, make sure the refrigerator is dry to avoid mold or mildew, and close the doors. Secure them with a moving strap or very strong tape when you're ready to move it. You can leave out the drawers and shelves and bring them separately.

Move and Store the Refrigerator

When you move the refrigerator, it helps to use moving straps or a dolly. You should really have the help of at least one more person to move it safely. When it is on the truck or in your van, make sure it is standing upright and secure. When you get it into the storage unit, leave the refrigerator upright, but open the doors to let air circulate through it. A common mistake is storing it with the doors closed, but this can cause moisture and mildew.

The next time you're prepping a refrigerator to go to a storage unit, like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage, remember these tips to keep it in great condition.